Viveca is self-described as a woman who loves people of all cultures. Her dream is a world of peace where generosity of spirit from one another fills the air. Likes to shoot Nature & People. Primarily works in the Digital format,curently uses Nikon D200 . Most of her photos before 2004 where shot with Sony 707. Has been a BetterPhoto member since 11/10/2002 11:31:15 AM. Her first book,'To Love Until It Hurts', tells her amazing experiences as a missionary among the world’s poorest and neediest. It spans twelve years of humanitarian work interspersed in her scrapbook of her family experiences and love life, a journey that took her from Puerto Rico to India, Nepal, and Azizi, from childhood to adulthood, through a contrast of happy and heartrending experiences viewed through the lens of her frank and open spirit. See links to purchase.